About me

I love cycling, I think that is pretty obvious to see. As a child, I remember hearing the sound of cleats from my bedroom window clicking on the garden path as my Dad crept out of the house at 5am to put in his winter miles. We would see him return home just in time for the Sunday roast and hear his tales of drafting, lung crunching climbs and plans of new routes. My passion for the sport grew quickly, dreaming of being Miguel Indurain as I raced around my paper round and entered local races to experience the world my Dad had eagerly painted over Mum's 'recovery' meals.

As I grew older I become frustrated by Lycra's lack of ability to attract girls and this is when music entered my life. I learnt guitar, started gigging at 14 and quickly introduced myself as a 'Mod' upon greeting new people - girls still not paying attention!

Photography came into my life due to the arrival of kids. I wanted to capture their moments and quickly discovered the iPhone was useless as photographing a speeding toddler - hello new camera and hello photography. I self taught myself, studied the art of pictures by insanely amazing artists and can now call myself a professional photographer. I have been shooting commercial, editorial work for just over 12months now, entering the scary world of freelance in April 2017.

I have been soo lucky to roll everything I love into one job. I am obessed with what I do and constantly aim produce my next best image.